complaints and resolve forums for existing members

So you are existing members and having some problems while working with Us, Don’t panic here we completely help you to raised your complaints and resolve it from our online members forums. Hence before we move on more discussion let have a look on how we manage to resolve our member complaints-


Level 1 Process to raised complaints: FAQ

There is lot of common question answer that we face each day , what we goanna do here create a Searchable FAQ section for you. Whenever you have some question into your mind you need to visit our FAQ page and try to search your Question over there. As per our previous experience we got 90% common problem can be answer from FAQ. Hope this time you will be able get answer of query.

Level 2 Process to raised complaints: Member Forums

If you don’t get your problem resolved from FAQ Section why not raised a raised complaints on CYBER EXPO forums. Just visit CYBER EXPO and on support their will be member area login panel, the same password that you are using to login into member area you can use over there to login. If you are not a CYBER EXPO members don’t worry for that you can submit any complaints or question on our forums as guest user.  After submitting your complaints or request into our forums we will suggest the best answer for your problem.

Level 3: Send us an email to [email protected]

If your problem still not resolves on our forums you can log your complaints on [email protected] or [email protected] our level 3 team will get back to you via email support. Please note whenever you will send emails to CYBER EXPO support forums a new ticket ID will be generated and you can reply back on the same ticket ID to get the update status, Still end of your problems resolve will be got you into our touch and resolve your complaints. Please understand all emails and support attempting times are based on emails volumes that we regularly received here. Sometime its make take only 10 minutes or 1 or 2 days. So be patient while you send any email to our support team. Thanks for understating in advance.

Level 4: Send emails to nodal officer on West Bengal:

You can contact us for nodal officer support here in west Bengal krishnagar , The nodal support will be based on franchise holder and for business partner support. For any product related support or pre-sales inquiry you need to contact on [email protected] or [email protected]

How administrative team manage complaints:

All the complaints are be answer and resolve by the administrative team as per their complaint priority and spotted time. Hence we believe in customer satisfaction and keep developing our management to reduce complaints and make CYBER EXPO easier to you. If you are new member are having any doubt and complaint to share please fill free to contact us and in the meantime please we are Sorry for the inconvenient.

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