Ad posting job daily payment: Truest ISO Certified Company in India

CYBER EXPO introduce ad posting job daily payment. After getting a lot of success with ad posting job monthly and weekly payment, we are now getting thousands of request to move this ad posting jobs to the next level. So we are introducing Smart A and Smart B plan for daily work daily payment seeker, Never wait for the weekend for getting your payment, work daily and get your payment on the same day. What do you think about it, yes we know it would be amazing for everyone.

What is ad posting job?

It’s a simple copy paste jobs by as per nature you need to post classified ads into the classified website. We have a user-friendly member portal that content classified ad mater, classified website list, ad’s related picture and black report sheet, now your work will be simple, open classified websites list one by and make sure to register, after registering the next steps will be copying the date from ad mater to classified site. Make sure you have put everything required fields. Now click on submit button and here you have done, congratulation you have just posted classified ads.

What is the jobs Procedure for daily work daily payment?

CYBER EXPO currently offer tow plan for daily work daily payment –

  • AD POSTING JOBS SMART A PLAN |Payment Rs-6.00/- Per Successful Ads
  • AD POSTING JOBS SMART B PLAN |Payment Rs-10.00/- Per Successful Ads
  1. Each plan is allowed to post unlimited ads.
  2. You need to send your daily report on or before 06:30 am every day.
  3. Our executive will check out your report on the same day and within 8 hours (06:30 pm evening) we will issue your payment via NEFT into your register bank account.
  4. Other standards rules are applicable.
  5. No payment will be an issue on a bank holiday.
  6. Any pending payment will be auto-deployed after the next payment.

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Payment method for CYBER EXPO Ad posting job daily payment:

We will issue your payment regular base into your register ban account. To enjoy daily work daily payment ad posting jobs you need to send your report regularly and except bank holiday we will issue your payment regularly. Please note the minimum payment for Smart A is 25 ads (Rs-150) and for smart B its 40 ads (Rs-400), Don’t worry about payment lost or any deduction while your post less than a minimum pay-out ads, we will carry forward your pending payment and reissue it again as soon as you will reach your minimum pay-out balance. For other information on daily work daily payment please read our term of service before sing up.

Plan Details for ad posting jobs daily payment:

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How many ads I can post in daily work daily payment?

We currently allow an unlimited ad to post on daily work daily payment. In a Single website, you can post 1 ad on each month, hence later after 30 days, you can post new ad mater on the same classified website.

What if I missed the minimum ad posting for daily payment?

Don’t worry any payment will be lost and we will deploy your pending payment as soon as you reach your minimum payout balance.

What is Risk-Free Agreement for ad posting job daily payment?

As we all know now a lot of fake websites are on the Internet, so your Question is right about Payment surety and Trust!  Well,

CYBER EXPO is An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company and additionally you will be Provide an Agreement Paper with Two Party Signature.

Agreement Paper will be Bracketed with Your work validity, your Monthly Earning and Your Registration Details, Its Give you 100% Safety form any Fraud Activity.

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This is not the end of the adventure, Get an Exciting Offer while registering ad posting jobs daily payment?

We have some Special offer for you, you can save some money while you buy any ad posting software from CYBER EXPO.

Let me know how you guys are thinking about CYBER EXPO ad posting job daily work daily payment? Let me know which plan do like most and why you are choosing daily payment jobs!