Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment – Daily Bank Payment in INDIA (Genuine)

Ad posting jobs is one of the most trusted online jobs ever. Each month almost 122 crore money used to spend on Online advertising. Ad posting jobs are one of the great media to published online advertisement. So lots of earning opportunity are thereby doing simple ad posting jobs. As it’s a freelance job so anybody can do this work from home, office, or cyber cafe.

Ad Posting Jobs: Plans & Offers

  • Daily Gold
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 6 Month
  • Rate per Ad Posting: Rs-6.00/- INR
  • Your Payment: Daily Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2000
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 12,000/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
  • Sign Up Now
  • Power week
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 9 Month
  • Rate per Ad Posting: Rs-7.00/- INR
  • Your Payment: Weekly Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2000
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 14,000/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
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  • Monthly Gold Plus
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 12 Month
  • Rate per Ad Posting: Rs-8.50/- INR
  • Your Payment: Monthly Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2500
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 21,250/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
  • Sign Up Now

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All Plans Include:

Access to 25+ Free Video Training on Ad posting jobs:
Free Ad posting Software.
100% Risk-Free Govt. Agreement paper.
Free Magic Classified Collecting Software.
On Deman Online Training using Team Viewer.
Email and Phone Support with Call back request.
Free Affiliate Account and Refer and Earn program.
Free google ad posting jobs for a lifetime.

Ad-posting-jobs-data-posting-india Daily bank payment

I am Interesting to do Ad Posting Jobs How to Do This Jobs Actually?

Step by Step Guide to for doing ad posting jobs:

Step 1: You have download ad mater (Content of advertising) and Free Classified website list from your member area.

Step 2: Now Open Those classified websites one by one and find “Post ad”, “Place your ad”, or “submit your ad” etc

Step 3: You can see a Form for posting your ads, Make sure to fill all the filled exactly using your Ad Matter.

Step 4: If required upload an Image and process to submit your ad.

That’s it, Now copy the ULR where the ad is posted and send posting report to [email protected]

Can I See a Demo Jobs?

We have an ultimate Video demo for better understanding actually work. Below click the play button to watch video online.

Hence if you have still some confusion, why not asked fora live demo from our support executive.

Why Ad Posting Jobs is Best Online Jobs?

  1. Almost 200 type of online jobs are available in the market, but we recommend you to Join ad posting jobs. Ad posting jobs is No- 1 Rank between all other online jobs. We have add some feature that help you understand the reason to give ad posting jobs as No- 1 online jobs are below :
  2. Simple Copy paste work, no need any special typing skill.
  3. As it’s a copy paste work, so there is no chance of having any spelling mistake.
  4. High paying rate by doing less work, CYBER EXPO will pay you up to 10 rupees on per ad posting. Isn’t awesome?
  5. You can cross check your work report any time by opening your ads URL into a browser. So payment and work approval will be clean to both works and CYBER EXPO.
  6. Lost your people working in ad posting jobs, you can join their community and discuss more how to do this work most successfully without doing any extra effort.
  7. No chance to deduct any money due to the wrong work.
  8. No Target, as you work as you pay.
  9. No more wait, Work daily and get your payment instantly into your register bank account.

Basic Requirements for doing ad posting jobs?

System requirement:

Hardware: Any Windows PC, with internet Connecting.

Software: Microsoft office, Mozilla Firefox, team viewer or Ammy admin (For Training purpose)

Education and Document Requirement for New registration on ad posting jobs?

Basic computer knowledge and Good internet surfing knowledge is enough. Any computer literacy can apply for this jobs, Student, Housewife, retired person, part time jobs seeker, freelancer works are welcome to start up!

What about the Money? Earning potential:

You just required a CBS Enable Bank account while you register, we will make payment via Bank Transfer /Found Transfer (NEFT/RTGS)

Or you can apply for CHEQUE payment.

Daily and weekly payment plan are not allowed to choose Cheque payment, bank transfer is the same method for  Daily and weekly payment plan.

As per CYBER EXPO Terms & Conditions, a registered freelance member must attain the following Payment Eligibility.

  1. Minimum pay-out for Monthly ad posting jobs plan is Rs- 1000/- in a Month.
  2. Minimum pay-out for Weekly ad posting jobs plan is Rs- 1000/- in a Week.
  3. Minimum pay-out for Free Plan ad posting jobs is Rs-1000/- in a Month.
  4. Minimum payout for the daily plan on SMART A is- Rs-175/- and SMART B is- Rs-400/-INR.

If any member is unable to reach their minimum pay-out then the accumulated payment is labelled as pending payment and half of it is carried forward and added to the next available payment.

How to start this work?

Step 1: Check the demo Jobs First, hope you like it,

Step 2: Now Understand the Plan and Pricing, We have different Ad Posting Jobs Plan – like Daily payment, weekly payment and Monthly Payment, It’s better to choose the daily payment plan as it the most popular plan from CYBER EXPO. Hence you can check the plan details from here.

Step 3: Okay, Plan and pricing are clear now it’s time to register for an ad posting jobs Plan Click here to Begin the Registration Process.

Step 4: Now make the payment according to your plan and send your photo ID proof, address proof along with Payment proof that you have made before.

Its take 30 minutes or less to active your account.

Why CYBER EXPO India’s No- 1 Ad Posting jobs Provider? offer advance Real-time Payment Proof:

Lots of company offer you to see their payment proof. But ultimately they are showing some cheque payment which has no reality. Anyone can issue thousands of cheque but It’s may not be real. But here in CYBER EXPO, you can see advance Real-time Payment Proof, That means all payment issue from bank to the works with Real Transaction ID, To whom account the money is transferred, payer details. And finally, you can verify those payments from any of your nearby ICICI or AXIS Bank Branch. Allow Risk-Free Court paper Agreement for Customer Safety and Trust:

Read Safety Tips: Scam Safety Tips before Applying for Online Jobs – By CYBER EXPO

As we all know now a lot of fake websites are on the Internet, so your Question is right about Payment surety and Trust! Well,

CYBER EXPO is An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company and additionally you will be Provide an Agreement Paper with Two Party Signature.

Agreement Paper will be Bracketed with Your work validity, your Monthly Earning and Your Registration Details, Its Give you 100% Safety form any Fraud Activity

Can International Subscriber Join CYBER EXPO ad Posting Jobs?

Yes, find the Plan pricing and Sing up as per your choices plan.

Reporting: You have to send your work report from your member area, or you can send it directly into our report section by sending an email to [email protected]

Can I use ad posting Software from CYBER EXPO?
Sure why not? You use ad posting software, free classified website list and use them to boost your ad posting speed. You are welcome to the Cyber Expo.

Please read careful CYBER EXPO Term of service and acceptable user police before registration for ad posting. You are registering means you are agreed to our Term of service and acceptableuser policy.