Cash Blogging Course

Are you ready to Quit you deluxe looking Full Time Jobs?


3 year back we start blogging and generating money more than a regular 10-5 corporate Full time Jobs. So we start making awareness and professional training to India base student and unemployed to earn money from blog.

“Blogging is Incredible”

Do you know a professional blogger can earn 10X better earning than a regular Gov. jobs or other respected corporate jobs. So if you believe that you have something extra that people called creativity then just show your awesomeness by stating your own blog today.

Plan and Pricing for CBC (Cash Bloging Course )

What we are going to favour for your new blog?

  1. Permalink Structure
  2. Premium WordPress Themes
  3. Plugins:
  4. Plugins:
  5. SEO
  6. Social Media Integration:
  7. Contact Form Page
  8. WordPress Training eBook:
  9. FREE lifetime support:

List of must have plug that we are going to add into your New blog!

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  2. Google XML Sitemap
  3. Contact Form 7
  4. WordPress Super Cache
  5. Jetpack
  6. Akismet
  7. Better WP Security
  8. BackWPup
  9. Google Analyticator

AM I Ready for this life changes ?

Well , it’s a big dissection to quit your regular jobs and start a new life called professional blogger , We suggest you to take you time to make any life changing decision and consider the below fact to judge yourself-

Do you have any creativity?

Many people start their blog and write about bullshit! The first law of a creative blogger is to write about something new instead of contributing to the echo chamber! I have seen many bloggers failed to be success just because they are copy others.

Can you explain your awesomeness?

“Everyone is genius” – but do you have the power to show your Genius Awesomeness into your blog! Blogging is a way to present your awesomeness to the world , it’s not about money it’s about passion to do more to create better thing! Are you one of them?

Does your English and Hindi Sounds good to everyone?

You can blog either on English or Hindi? Are you Comfortable? Don’t say like that –It’s my blog and I can write anyway that I wish! Make sure to consider that your reader may not interest into your crazy writing skills.

Do you have Enough money to carry yourself at list for 1 year?

Blogging is not a way to earn money quickly! Its take so much time and patience to get success!  So after quitting your regular jobs you may be depressed for 1 year by believing money less! So before get stated make sure you have Enough money to carry yourself at list for 1 year!

“Blogging is NOT for those who Give up into their life”

Beginning with a part time blogger is not a bad choice!

Are you Confused? Let start your blog as a part time jobs! You can drop your extra time into your blog and as soon as its look popular to reader you can move yourself as a fulltime blogger!

What do you think ? Let Discuss More with Us-